Balloon Dog

NVision Plays Key Role in Creation of Record-Breaking “Balloon Dog” Sculpture

(November 2013) – NVision, Inc., a leader in 3D non-contact optical scanning for over 23 years, played a key role in the creation of the “Balloon Dog (Orange)” sculpture that was recently sold by Christie’s for 58.4 million dollars, setting a record as the most expensive work by a living artist to be sold at auction.

NVision laser-scanned the original balloon dog created by artist Jeff Koons and then produced a 3D CAD model of the dog, which Koons used as a template to create several full-size sculptures in different colors, including orange, red, green, blue and pink. Made of stainless steel and standing an impressive 12 ft. tall, “Balloon Dog (Orange)” is a replica of the type of balloon dog that a vendor might create for a child at a birthday party or county fair.

“When Jeff Koons first brought the original balloon dog to us to have its geometry laser-scanned, my first thought was, ‘Why on earth would someone want a balloon animal scanned?,’” says Steve Kersen, NVision’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

However, the artist quickly made his intentions clear. He wanted his balloon dog scanned into a 3D model that could then be enlarged, providing the exact dimensions needed to create the final series of full-size sculptures.

“The original balloon dog was pink and transparent, so we first had to paint it white so that there would a reflective surface for the scanner to read,” says Kersen. “The scanning took a couple of days and was done with Digibot, one of the earliest 3D scanners.”

After scanning was completed, NVision provided Koons with the 3D CAD model the artist used as a template for the final, metallic sculptures.

NVision is no stranger to working with artists. The company scanned the unique works of sculptor Somers Randolph, preserving their complex geometry forever and enabling exact replicas to be easily created. NVision also worked with former Monkee Michael Nesmith in the creation of a 3D CD cover.

Says Kersen: “While non-contact optical scanning is widely used throughout industry to reverse engineer parts and equipment, when you view this remarkable “Balloon Dog (Orange)” sculpture you realize that we’ve really only scratched the surface of the potential applications for this technology.”

For more information, contact NVision, Inc., 440 Wrangler Dr, Suite 200, Coppell, TX 75019. Ph: 972.393.8000, Fax: 972.393.8002. E-mail: Visit NVision’s Web site at

**Photo Credit: Image from Flickr is by dalbera**


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