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Manufacturing Index - RADX Corporation - Plano TXBefore your website can be found by new customers, it has to be found by search engines!

Let us help drive new traffic to your site and increase your overall search engine rankings by increasing the number of links to your site from other sites. Link Building is key to any comprehensive website promotion strategy. An important approach to website optimization in the major search engines is to build solid, permanent links on related pages.

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All the major search engines, plus more – over 90% of the search market! We regularly submit your website to all the search engines.

At the Index, we believe in performance AND great value. That’s why we do it differently. We find search engines and other vertical portals where you pay for rank…. well, pretty rank, indeed. Ranking does nothing but drive up the rates, making you pay much more than what you need to pay and cause other headaches like trying to monitor your program to make sure you stay where you thought you were going to be.

If you’ve got or have had a program with other vertical portals, you know exactly what we mean. Why waste your valuable marketing dollars on a program that goes counter to what the internet is supposed to provide? Let the Index help.

With the Index you buy only one option – at an investment of only a small percentage of what you may be paying with other industrial directories. We place you across multiple directories, all focused on your specific products and/or services. We work with you to invest across a much broader and effective effort than a single source.

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Great Value! Powerful SEO Tools!

Check out our features and value:

  • A low cost national SEO (search engine optimization) program to keep the search engines on top of your website. Add an additional Index listing and double your links to the search engines! A third listing will triple, etc.
  • Multiple website placements, giving you much broader and effective coverage with the search engines.
  • The first and only directories that completely work with mobile devices.
  • Regional, State and Local programs available.
  • We actually transmit your data to Google and the other search engines! No other directory provides this invaluable service. We make it easy for the search engines to keep on top of your website.
  • With access to your website, we will setup full Google Analytics and tools for you to get daily reports of your website activity – at NO additional cost!
  • No ranking issues that create bidding wars – one single price.
  • We work with you to build as many backlinks to your website as possible.
  • Instead of waiting on the search engines, we actually push your data to them.
  • Instant startup and changes as you require.
  • Graphics on your profile page at no extra cost.
  • Keyword and geographic keyword programs combined.
  • Even with other programs, we supplement and improve your website performance with the search engines.
  • Discounts on other Website services offered by RADX Corporation.

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